IT'S the traditional greeting for the coming of summer, but this year the Ebor Morris dancers used the May Day celebrations to mark an anniversary of their own.

This year marks the group's 40th birthday, and on May 1 dancers and musicians who have been part of the Ebor troupe across the years gathered to mark the occasion.

The group danced at the Lord Collingwood pub in Poppleton, the site of their first ever gathering, and member Tony Fenech said they saw old faces reappearing.

The May Day celebrations continue this weekend with a newer tradition which sees the dancers tour York performing around the bar walls.

Tony said: "The traditional thing to do is get up at the crack of dawn and go out into the hills. We tried that once and didn't like it, so this is a bit more civilised."

The dancers and musicians will meet at Walmgate bar at 11am on Sunday and head around the walls, performing at each bar and on the walls where space allows.

"We do Coxwold morris dancers and a sword dance which is local to York - the Escrick sword dance.

"Performing at Bootham bar always gathers a crowd, and we get a lot of interest from tourists, especially from the USA."

The troupe leave Walmgate bar at 11am travelling anti clockwise to Bootham bar where they will perform at 12.30pm. They dance again at Bootham at 2.30pm before returning to Walmgate, again travelling anticlockwise round the walls.