DOCTORS have told the parents of Oscar Hughes that nothing more can be done to save the sick York schoolboy’s life.

The nine-year-old’s parents, Ian and Marie, said last night that the aggression of a relapse Oscar had suffered following a brain tumour last year had now gone too far for them to safely continue with very harsh treatments.

“It is with deep sadness that we now care for Oscar and make him as comfortable as possible at home surrounded by people who love him dearly,” they said.

A team of cross specialist doctors had earlier given them the bad news that, following an MRI scan, the cancer in the fluid within Oscar’s spine and surrounding his brain had spread.

They said new chemo drugs had not worked and Oscar had become weaker.

The news came after a growing appeal for Oscar had raised another £14,000 in one day, taking the total so far to £54,000.

At least 50 fundraising events have been planned in his home village of Dunnington alone, including a disco, family cycle ride and dads’ football match.

The appeal for £150,000 was launched only last week after cancer cells were discovered all over Oscar’s brain and spine.

While doctors had said his condition was incurable, his parents said they wanted to fund a possible journey abroad for him to take part in promising research and clinical trials.

The couple said last night: “To all that have helped so far on this journey, thank you.

We can’t express how much we’ve been overwhelmed by efforts and generosity, both big and small. As people continue to raise and donate money, we feel that it is important everybody understands the new phase of our journey with Oscar as this may impact future plans.

“If you want to continue with planned events in the spirit of our brave and inspiring boy, we will leave the fundraising page open. From the outset, we were keen to ensure that funds not used for Oscar would be redirected to help other children in similar situations to this one that Oscar has faced.

“We will continue to liaise with the Brain Tumour Charity to discuss the help they require to search for a cure for brain tumours in children.

“As a testament to Oscar’s kindness, bravery, generosity and selflessness, this seems a fitting legacy.”