IT IS no secret that young people are increasingly alienated from mainstream politics, reflected by lower turnout in recent elections.

Debates vary as to the reasons. A disgust at the self-serving nature of (some of) the political class, an ignorance of what they stand for and a distrust in what they achieve (and the disconnect between promises and action) are some of the reasons posited.

What matters though is that politicians of all hues increasingly focus policies towards the ‘grey vote’ with insufficient attention on young people’s issues. This compounds the injustice of how young people have been treated by older generations (eg housing, unemployment, environment).

So fair play to Rachel Farrington, 17, who has set up a website for young people called that is a simple unbiased resource for young people detailing why to vote, and a brief resume of parties’ policies.

While our politics may be very different, the issue is not one of party politics. Simply, any measures that can encourage young people to engage politically must be applauded.

Richard Bridge, Holgate Road, York.