A FURIOUS couple today blasted supermarket bosses for refusing to pay for damage to their new car - caused by a runaway shopping trolley.

Julie Dearing, 46, of Stuart Road, Acomb, York, was driving her new Citroen C3 along the slip road beside the Tesco car park at Clifton Moor, when a trolley "came out of nowhere" and smashed into the side of it.

It is believed the trolley was flung into the vehicle by a sudden gust of wind as it was very blustery on New Year's Eve.

Mrs Dearing was unhurt and managed to stay on the road - but was left shocked and upset by the incident. The car, which was bought less than a year ago, suffered a dented front wing which will cost several hundreds of pounds to fix.

Mrs Dearing's husband, Keith, said they immediately contacted Tesco's customer services department to report the matter and claim for the damage. But they were left shocked and angry when the supermarket refused to pay up.

"I'm disgusted with Tesco," Mr Dearing said.

"It's not our fault this happened. If they know it's going to be windy they should have people securing the trolleys properly."

In a letter to the couple, Tesco customer services manager Grace Mildrum "sincerely apologised" for the incident.

She said trolley staff could not be present every time one was abandoned.

"When left in such a way, strong winds during adverse weather conditions may blow them over the car park and this can cause possible damage to any structures or vehicles they collide with. Therefore, we cannot accept liability for any damage or loss that may have occurred."

Mrs Dearing, who was on her way from Wickes, in Clifton Moor, when the incident occurred, said she could have been hurt by the trolley.

"I was terrified," she said.

"I tried to swerve away from the trolley. Tesco should make sure they are put away properly. A lot of people use these car parks and it could be dangerous."

A Tesco spokesperson said: "We do understand and sympathise with the couple but, sadly, we cannot accept responsibility in this case."