A CYCLIST has become so fed up of his fellow pedallers’ bad behaviour  on York’s roads that he has produced a video exposing their misdemeanours.

The film, which he has posted on Youtube, shows cyclists going through red traffic lights at a series of junctions and riding the wrong way along one-way streets.

Some are shown cycling without either hand on the handlebars and speaking on their mobile phones while pedalling along, while one is filmed narrowly avoiding being knocked off his bike when a car starts to turn left as he is overtaking on the inside.

But the most startling images involve a man who removes his jacket while cycling along Holgate Road and then tumbles to the ground, with the bike on top of him, after the jacket apparently becomes caught in the front wheel.

The man who took the film with a camera in his helmet, and does not wish to be identified, said the footage was obtained over three weeks as he was commuting in and out of the city centre.

He said he had been cycling in York for 30 years and had become increasingly concerned about the reckless behaviour of some cyclists.

“I am tired of watching cyclists breaking the rules of the Highway Code and endangering not only themselves but other road users,” he said.

He revealed that the film was only the first episode  and he would be creating more, not just about bad cycling but also bad behaviour by motorists and even pedestrians. He added that the man who fell off his bike got up, apparently uninjured.