KILLER Jeremy Green was living a "fantasy life" in the weeks leading up to the attack, police said.

Green, jailed today for murder of Nicole Waterhouse and the attempted murder of Karen Browne, had been well regarded as an Army platoon officer but was dishonourably discharged for stealing from other officers in early 2013.

He was heavily in debt because he had taken out a £10,000 loan and led an active social life, but had no income. He needed £300 by October 21 so he could continue to rent a flat above Superdrug in York city centre for the rest of the month, and he needed money to go to London for a week to look after his nephew and niece.

On October 20, he headed for Phoenix Boulevard aiming to steal money, but then killed Nicole Waterhouse and tried to kill Karen Browne.

Det Chief Inspector Nigel Costello, who brought Green to justice, said: "Jeremy Green lived a ‘fantasy life’ and he lied to anyone he conversed with. He told stories to make himself more appealing but in truth he is a callous, deceitful, manipulative, dishonest and self-centred individual.

“Prior to his dishonourable discharge from the army, he had been trained for combat and since his dismissal remained physically fit, yet he still found it necessary to arm himself with a knife.

"Nikki and Karen were not confrontational and would have given Green money out of fear. Green had access to monies which were in his name, but he chose not to use this, rather taking from others which was a pattern throughout his life."

Leeds Crown Court heard Green had a pent-up inner anger that a psychiatrist attributed to problems in his upbringing. When his plans went wrong and he found both women at home, the anger spilled out.

That morning he had equipped himself with a lock knife and he wore gloves throughout his time at the flat. He left no fingerprints and he disposed of bloodstained items, the knife and the girls' phones in public bins and other places. The knife and Nikki's phone have never been found.

He joked with other women via his phone as he tormented Miss Waterhouse and Miss Browne and after leaving the flat, went shopping for food and chatted with friends on FaceTime. Those he contacted said he appeared perfectly normal.

He sat impassively as details of his attacks were read out in court, and during Nikki's family's statements.

He took most interest in proceedings when the judge announced the minimum time he will have to serve in prison, and the length of his sentence for the attempted murder. Occasionally he glanced across at his family.

At the end of the hearing, he left without a backward glance. The Parole Board cannot consider releasing him before October 23, 2047, and only then if they consider he is no longer a "dangerous person".