TEAMS of pupils from more than a dozen schools have taken part in a technology competition.

The annual Rotary Technology Tournament was held at the National Rail Museum where 37 teams worked against the clock to design, build and demonstrate their answer to a technical problem.

This was the tenth year the tournament has taken place, organised by the three York Rotary Clubs, and 148 students from 13 schools in North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire took part.

Steve Cluderway, coordinator of the Rotary Project, said the number of teams ensured "a real competitive atmosphere in the splendid setting" of the NRM, and that the inability of teams to prepare for their specific tasks meant none of the teams had an advantage.

He said: "Attracting 37 teams is a considerable achievement and shows how the reputation of this annual Rotary event has really caught the imagination of schools in the city."

The tournament was sponsored and funded by Shepherd Building Group and the University of York, with materials supplied by the Rotary Clubs.

Mr Cluderway said: “A difficult task for our tenth competition with some ingenious solutions from the 140 youngsters taking part.

"Great credit to the youngsters who put so much effort into the day and my thanks to the museum and the sponsors for helping Rotary put it on.”

The winners were:


1st - All Saints School (John Alcelik, Poppy Clarke, Patrick Hill, Douglas Blackwool)

2nd - Woldgate College (Evie Barrand, Charlotte Gregory, Matt Bailey, Harry Blythe)

3rd - Tadcaster Grammar (Daniel Dobson, James Tucker, Saul Guilford, Euan Inglis)


1st - Lady Lumley’s School (Chris Cook, Callum Thorsby, Tyler Gaines, Dan Calvert)

2nd - Joseph Rowntree School (John Pears, Harri McNeilage, Matthew Harker, Phoebe Frere)

3rd - Ryedale School (Henry Wainwright, Amy sanderson, Catherine Ball, Robert Wardle)


1st - Lady Lumley’s School (Tom Wood, Jack Hodgson, James Dilley, Robert Sanderson)

2nd - Lady Lumley’s School (Oliver Burton, Sam Marks, Will Dunn, Ryan Kelly)

3rd - Fulford School (Faye Addy, Amy Ward, Holly Haughton, Scarlett Barclay)