STANLEY Brinks is new to this reviewer – surprising, as he is said to have released 100 albums. Such a huge discography suggests a compulsion, as if Brinks is addicted to recording as some are to shoplifting; he just can’t help himself.

The ten tracks are ragged and clattering, yet with a soulful jazziness beneath the noise, each song apparently captured at first take. No bad thing, for there is old-school grittiness to the recordings, starting off at kangaroo-hopping pace with One Minute Of Darnkess.

Brinks sings in a manner that is odd and disconcerting, yet somehow it works; his saxophone playing is similarly erratic, while guitar player Dave Tattersall chases after lots of notes without necessarily catching them all. Yet what energy his playing has, so forceful and just so real that it makes you sit up and listen, especially on the broken-hearted I Wanted You. Spinola Boy is a quirky, half-spoken delight, while Time For Me sounds like a lost classic on an album of riotous joy-bringing.