A SONGWRITER has written an anthem to help support the campaign to bring Richard III’s remains back to York.

Singer-songwriter Johnny Hewes, who was born and raised in York but now lives in Brighton, has penned a song in support of the movement to have Richard buried in York Minster rather than Leicester.

Writing songs in his spare time away from his day job in IT, Johnny said he had wanted to write a song on the topic for a while now.

“I had the first verse down a while ago and I think it’s an emotional song with some factual parts in about Richard as well,” he said.

“I’ve always been interested in history and after learning more about Richard III it aroused my interest and it all went from there.”

Let Him Come Home has been recorded as an acoustic version with Johnny playing the guitar. He said it had been gratefully received by those involved in the campaign.

Johnny said: “I wasn’t expecting an overwhelming response at all. I just wanted to share it with some likeminded people but people have said they are really grateful for me sharing it and have really been moved by it and it is some sort of anthem.

“I will always feel passionate about York – you can take the boy out of York but you can’t take York out of the boy.”

Let Him Come Home can be listened to at soundcloud.com/johnny-hewes/let-him-come-home