We are nearly a month into the year now, so how are your resolutions about losing weight and eating healthier holding up?

According to a recent BUPA survey, 26 per cent of men drop their diet within a day of starting it, while us women do a little better with 31 per cent lasting a week before scrapping it.

The problem with diets is they tell you what you must not eat.

This is generally everything you have been eating every day for the past however many years. What you need to do is discover exciting foods to take their place.

You then end up thinking obsessive thoughts about chocolate/crisps/pastries (insert tempting food of your choice) until you crack and abandon the whole plan.

It is important to look at the reasons why you want to lose weight or change your eating habits for the better, because attaching a strong positive reason to your actions will help you stick with the changes. It acts as a motivator, helping you make better, healthier choices.

If you feel your motivation is waning, or has walked out the door completely try these three actions to get back on track – and remember, it’s never too late to start.


Before you reach for the biscuit tin and think about why you want to eat. Are you hungry, angry, lonely or tired?

If you think you are hungry and it’s not time for a meal, drink a glass of water and wait for 15 minutes. Our brains register hunger and thirst in the same way and often we are dehydrated rather than in need of food. If you are angry deal with the situation rather than attempt to eat through your feelings. If you are lonely, call a friend and enjoy a chat.

Tired? drink a glass of water and rest for a few moments or get some fresh air to revive your spirits.

Go for Greens

Green vegetables are packed with B-vitamins and magnesium which give your energy levels and brain function a real power boost. And for the ladies, vitamin B6 and magnesium help to regulate your hormones.

Make sure you are getting at least one portion of greens every day.

Tasty ways to do this include having a fresh green juice for breakfast, enjoying pea, spinach and mint soup for lunch and including broccoli and kale with your evening meal.

Get organised

I often hear clients telling me they could eat better if they were a little more organised.

In fact, one client recently lost half-a-stone by preparing and eating a good breakfast (porridge with seeds and fruit) and enjoying vegetable soups for lunch, instead of having no breakfast and processed ready meals.

Plan your weekly shopping, stock up on healthy snack options and take a few minutes each morning to enjoy breakfast and sort out your lunch.

A little bit of organisation goes a long way to shifting those inches and boosting your energy.

Sally is a York based Nutritional Therapist who enjoys helping people make positive changes to their health and wellbeing with foods, supplements and lifestyle changes.

Find out more at nutritioninyork.co.uk where you can get her free information-packed report Your 3 Easy Steps to All Day Energy, and start feeling better today.