THE Yorkshire Museum has turned the page of the 600-year-old house book to display the death entry of King Richard III.

Until now, the manuscript has been opened to a page detailing the preparations that were made and the money that was spent on hosting a Royal visit by Richard III.

However, the public now have the opportunity to read the city’s official reaction to news of the King’s death at Bosworth on August 22 1485 with a letter of regret written by the council to the Earl of Northumberland, which laments that Richard was “piteously slain” to the ‘great heavyness’ of the city.

The 15th century house book is one of a series documenting York’s civic jurisdiction for the last 600 years up to the present day, giving an insightful revelation as to how York flamboyantly prepared for Richard III’s state visits, wrestled with rumours of treason and ultimately what the city leaders felt about the King’s death.

It is being loaned to the Yorkshire Museum from York’s Civic Archive.