A YORK woman is living in fear she may be attacked, after vandals repeatedly poured paint stripper on her car and slashed the tyres.

Holly Town, 27, moved to her flat in Haxby Road in May last year, and since then her Citroen DS3 has been attacked four times by vandals – twice with paint thinner and twice with blades in the tyres.

Her father Chris said: “After the first paint stripper incident, the police came out and said it was unusual and advised her where to park and where not to park and she took that advice.

A few weeks ago, her car went in for a service and the engineer found a craft knife blade in the side wall of the tyre. He asked: ‘Have you got any enemies? Because someone’s attacked your tyre’.

“You just feel absolutely totally powerless to do anything about it.

“She’s very worried about her personal safety and worried about walking in the area and that someone may spray it at her rather than the car. No matter where it’s parked, it gets attacked. She’s so worried, she’s thinking about moving home.”

Holly said her car had to be completely resprayed following the first paint stripper attack, and she had replaced two tyres, but she had no idea why her vehicle was being targeted.

She said: “I used to park in a cul de sac, Vyner Street, but was warned not to do that after the first incident.

“This has never happened, it’s completely new and I haven’t even been here a year.

“I’m starting to think I’m being targeted because last time there had been no other incidents around the streets.

“I’m not really a nervous sort of person but it’s started to worry me as it’s the fourth time and I walk my dog quite a lot at night.

“I’m worried they might throw something at me and try to disfigure me while out walking him.”

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said: “We are aware of the repeated attacks against the victim’s vehicle and are appealing for anyone who can assist the investigation into these mindless and concerning incidents to contact the police.

“The damage has caused the victim unnecessary inconvenience and expense, not to mention the distress caused at being a victim of repeated crimes.”

Holly said: “It feels personal now but I can’t figure out who it could be. I’ve spoken to people who have had wipers stolen in the past or mirrors knocked by lorries but I don’t know who would walk around with paint stripper or put blades in people’s tyres.”

Anyone with information on the vandalism should phone North Yorkshire Police on 101, email ian.richardson1191@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.