CONTRIBUTIONS to butchery have been recognised with a special award for a York supermarket butcher.

The York Butchers’ Gild has marked the 70th anniversary of its restoration by presenting Morrisons master butcher Roy Craven with a ceremonial butcher’s steel.

The guild made the presentation in recognising the “pivotal role” the supermarket has played in keeping butchery craft skills alive through its award-winning apprenticeship scheme.

Gild Master Dr Jeremy Selman presented the steel to Mr Craven at the butchery counter at Morrisons in Foss Island Road.

Following the ceremony, Dr Selman and Mr Craven visited Shambles in York, the traditional home of the city’s butcher’s market.

The name Shambles itself originates from the Saxon “fleshammels”, which means “the street of the butchers”.

Dr Selman said: “It is extremely encouraging to see Morrisons, as one of the largest apprenticeship providers in the UK, doing so much to keep the craft skill going in today’s modern age.

“Roy’s exemplary contribution to butchery, and the role he has played in passing on his skills and wisdom to apprentices, is worthy of our recognition.”

Mr Craven, who has worked for Morrisons for more than 30 years, said: “Being a butcher has been a big part of my life and I have been lucky enough to be able to share my knowledge with hundreds of Morrisons colleagues to help keep the trade alive.”