A YORK pub is certainly not decking its halls with boughs of holly as the landlord has declared it a “Christmas-free zone”.

There’s no tinsel, no tree, and no tunes about Santa and his sleigh at the Blue Bell in Fossgate.

Landlord Jim Hardie is more likely to be heard uttering “Bah Humbug” than “Merry Christmas” to his punters.

His stance came to light after The Press reported last week that customers had been turned away by doormen at Biltmore Bar and Grill for wearing Christmas jumpers.

After the story was published, several people claimed they had faced with a similar experience at the Blue Bell.

The Biltmore said its mishap was due to a misunderstanding between door staff and management, but the Blue Bell stood by its refusal to allow Christmas jumpers.

In fact Mr Hardie, who has run the 215-year-old pub for 12 years, said anyone wanting a celebratory drink and some festive fun would not feel welcome in the pub, Christmas jumper or not.

He said: “The Blue Bell doesn't do Christmas. We don't have decorations or anything. It gets too much everywhere. People get sick of getting Christmas rammed down their necks so we don’t have it here – that’s it.”