ONE thousand trees have been planted by volunteers at a new community woodland near York.

People from across North Yorkshire took part in a special family planting day at Three Hagges Jubilee Wood at Escrick Park Estate, between York and Selby.

The 22-acre wood is being created out of arable land for the public’s benefit in honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, with assistance from the Forestry Commission and the Woodland Trust.

Rosalind Forbes Adam, chair of the Hagge Woods Trust, who has designed and masterminded the unique wood with her son, Beilby, said she was delighted with the turnout from volunteers.

She said: “There was a great community spirit as we planted oak, hazel, lime and other fruiting and flowering trees including blackthorn, hawthorn and rowan.

“Ultimately 9,000 new trees will be planted at Three Hagges Jubilee Wood and we are well on way to reaching that target, thanks to the weekend’s efforts,” she said.

“We have also put deer and rabbit fencing up around the wood to protect it from the fallow and roe deer in the surrounding area and the many rabbits in the ancient semi-natural woodland nearby. The fencing will be taken down in around seven years when the trees have grown above browse height.”

She said the wood would also include a variety of shrubs such as spindle, dogwood and purging buckthorn, as well as some native evergreen holly and yew.

“In all, 22 native species of tree and shrub are being included in the woodland, designed by biologist and ecologist Lin Hawthorne. Our ultimate goal is to create a beautiful woodland for the community to enjoy which will feature wild flowers, fine grasses and meandering pathways. This week’s planting was an important step towards this dream.”

The planting day was filmed by Scarborough-based Claudia Nye, who has been commissioned by Woodlands TV to make a film about the wood.