CAMPAIGNERS used November 5 to make a point about funding cuts as they built a “bonfire of austerity” in the centre of York.

The Parliament Street protest saw people asked to write examples of how they consider Government belt-tightening measures have made their lives difficult on “flames”, with organisers York People’s Assembly saying it wanted the event to kickstart a debate about the UK’s economic direction.

It was followed by a “festival of free speech” in St Helen’s Square as part of a national day of action by People’s Assembly Against Austerity groups throughout the country.

York People’s Assembly member Chris Fuller said the rally was designed to “bring together everybody who is being made to pay for a crisis not of their making”.

York Green Party chairman and European Parliament candidate Denise Craghill was among those speaking at the bonfire, saying: “So many misinformation has been spread around that many people think the only option we have it to cut, cut cut - I think it’s a very important role for the People’s Assembly to challenge this myth.

“With more people getting involved, we can help change the terms of debate.”