POLICE confiscated a weapon and several sets of handcuffs from a dwarf dressed as a policeman at York Races.

The dwarf, named only as Charlie, was dressed as a policeman and handcuffed to Darren Rogers, who was dressed as a horse to celebrate his stag party, during the races last weekend.

A national newspaper today reported that police had questioned Charlie, who had been paid hundreds of pounds as part of the stag party prank, for 45 minutes, and confiscated several items from him.

Speaking to the newspaper, Charlie said: "They said my truncheon - which I'd specially shortened - was a lethal wepon.

"I was in bits. I told them, 'we're just having fun - I do this all the time'. But they told me to free Darren and took me to a room. They demanded my name and address - everything."

A spokeswoman for North Yorkshire Police said officers had no issue with the dwarf being in a police costume, and the incident was due to other items he had with him - namely a police-issue extendable baton, and several sets of handcuffs.

She said: “The items were genuine police issue, the baton being a prohibited item and capable of inflicting serious injuries on a person. The handcuffs were also law enforcement issue, supplied only to those with powers of detention and arrest.

“There was no reason for the man to be in possession of police equipment as replica items are widely available for fancy dress purposes. While we have no doubt that the prank was good-spirited and well-intentioned, we must take the safety of members of the public seriously.”

The spokeswoman also said nobody was arrested or cautioned in connection with the incident.