Plusnet is a name that will be unmissable in York this month as the company sponsors the city’s first-ever marathon.

Providing home phone and broadband services to homes and businesses nationwide, the company is led by Jamie Ford, who has been chief executive since 2010.

Operating solely from its “heartland of Yorkshire”, Plusnet is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, employing more than 850 staff across its Sheffield and Leeds offices.

The company is headline sponsor of this year’s Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon which takes place in York on Sunday, October 20. Having ran a marathon himself, Mr Ford said: “It is inspirational to see so many people in the region taking part in and supporting this year’s Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. York provides such a beautiful backdrop to one of this year’s top sporting events and I’m proud that Plusnet is linked to such a much anticipated and exciting event.”

Mr Ford graduated from Durham University in combined social sciences and is married with three young children. In his spare time he enjoys cricket and cycling.


What job would you like to have other than your own and why?

I would love to be playing cricket professionally for England. I spent a year playing the sport professionally for Kent County Cricket Club and am still a big fan. The draw of being outdoors and travelling the world appeals to me but I must say that I am very happy in my role at Plusnet and am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for the business.

Greatest achievement?

My family. That’s what I am most proud of. Career-wise I would say that getting to where I am with my current role is also something I am very proud of; we’ve grown the business significantly over the last three years and as a result have created a large amount of jobs. When I started at Plusnet in 2010 we had only 250 staff, we now have more than 850 employees.

What makes you most angry?

Bad communication and nasty surprises are generally things that can grate on me, but I’d like to think I have a positive outlook on life most of the time.

Biggest mistake?

I do make mistakes, everyone does but so far I don’t think I have done anything catastrophic. I tend to make mistakes when I don’t stop to think and when I haven’t had time to reflect. I do blame myself for not making it further in cricket... having a little more wisdom at an earlier age could have helped me.

What do you need to make life complete?

I have a great job and a brilliant family. I am a very lucky man!

Why do you make a difference?

I hope I do make a difference. In the place of work, I have the necessary experience to support different projects successfully. Outside of work, I fundraise for local good causes and would like to give more back to society in this way. Everyone should find more time to do this.


“He gave his best at everything he did.” I’d like to be remembered for working hard and giving my best.