IT has not been tasted for almost 60 years, since it was abandoned in favour of Terry’s famous Chocolate Orange.

But this weekend, archivists will try to recreate one of York’s classic old sweets – the long-forgotten Terry’s Chocolate Apple.

The archivists, based at the University of York’s Borthwick Institute, have discovered original recipes for Terry’s Dessert Chocolate Apple, produced at the company’s Bishopthorpe Road factory between 1926 and 1954.

It was discontinued then in favour of the more popular Chocolate Orange, which continued to be made Unwrapping The Chocolate City: Re-Imagining The Chocolate Apple, which is part of the York Food & Drink Festival, will be staged at the Mansion House in St Helen’s Square from 10.30am tomorrow, to give visitors the chance to explore – and taste – York’s rich history.

Organisers will take the confectionery curio as the starting point for a journey of discovery through the Borthwick Archives and the Mansion House itself, bringing together science and the social and chocolate-making history of York, with displays of vintage packaging and period dining.

York Cocoa House’s chocolate and confectionery expert, Sophie Jewett, will lead a workshop in the kitchen, where visitors will take inspiration from the exhibits to create their own flavoured chocolate bar, complete with its own wrapper.

Admission to the exhibition is free, with a fee of £3.50 payable for the chocolate making workshop, for which people can book places by going to the Cocoa House website, and clicking on ‘‘events’’ for September 29. Organisers said yesterday there were still a few places left.