SCORES of customers of a York finance firm whose offices closed are to get their missing wills back.

A firm of solicitors which offered help – through The Press – to act as an intermediary has received wills and lasting power of attorney documents for 192 customers of Yorkshire Asset Protection (YAP).

Alex Spurr, of Coles Solicitors, said it was now writing to the customers, who are all from the York area, to tell them it had their documents and ask whether they would like it to return them or store them safely on their behalf.

He said the firm would also be organising an open evening at 6.30pm on Friday at the York Holiday Inn’s Ebor Suite, at which YAP customers could come along to discuss matters face-to-face.

Coles can be contacted during office hours on 01609 780717. The Press has reported previously how YAP was under investigation by York trading standards department after its offices in New Street shut down and its telephones went unanswered.

Stamford Bridge widow Lynda Madden faced having to pay for her husband Noel’s funeral, even though they had paid for a funeral plan through YAP before his death, and she was also concerned because the firm had Noel’s will.

Yorkshire Asset Protection gave Mrs Madden her will back earlier this month and pledged to repay the funeral costs within 28 days.

Several other YAP customers have also contacted The Press to say YAP had their wills and they were unable to contact the firm to get them back.

Peter Gibson, Coles managing director, then offered to help people trace their wills free of charge, saying he felt compelled to respond after reading in The Press about their predicament.