WITH regard to the letter from Christine Watmough of September 7, I can sympathise as it can be distressing seeing rats (dead or alive). But are rats truly at fault here?

The problem is entirely human. People do not think twice about dropping food without noticing – or worse, throwing unwanted food on the ground. Too many people use our streets and outdoor areas as their own personal dustbin.

I do not understand this mentality and I do not feel it is the fault of the rats; humans are providing great conditions in which for them to live, breed and thrive.

Unfortunately the situation is never going to change, unless every person is 100 per cent clean and tidy with food.

Rats are very intelligent, natural scavengers and will do anything for a easy meal.

So good on them, I say, for taking advantage of dirty humans.

Miss S Pearce, Hunterswood Way, Dunnington, York.