EXPERTS from around the world are preparing to descend on York for a leading conference all about beer.

The Beeronomics conference, which takes place every two years, is being held in Britain for the first time, at the University of York from September 18 to 20. Organisers have now completed their programme and say it will make York the beer capital of Britain for several days.

Delegates will discuss key issues facing the beer and brewing industries and deliver research relating to the history, social importance and economic impact of beer.

Papers include a study called Beer And The Boro, 1876-1986: A Perfect Match, looking at the importance of beer for football fans. Other studies include the way microbreweries can help to foster local identities; the social importance of Newcastle Brown Ale to its drinkers and the extent to which pubs boost rural communities in England and Ireland socially and economically.

There are also studies on changing tastes, business models and taxation, and studies focussed on Belgium, Alabama, Italy, Turkey and Mexico.

The conference will end with a panel debate on the future of the beer and brewing industry, featuring MPs and representatives from the Campaign For Real Ale and the British Beer And Pub Association.

Beeronomics 2013 chairman Ignazio Cabras, from the University of York, said: “The Beeronomics conference is the only conference in the world which focuses on social and economic themes related to beer and brewing.

“The conference will be organised in the UK for the first time and we are extremely proud that it will take place here in York. In addition, Beeronomics will run in parallel with the annual York Beer Festival, making the city the British capital of beer for at least one week.”

He said the conference aimed to put the British beer and brewing industry in the spotlight, but said most researchers and academics were coming from overseas, “providing an invaluable opportunity to see and engage with different brewing experiences occurring worldwide.”

For more details, visit and register by September 6.