A STEAM enthusiast from York has set a new speed record with his homemade model boat.

Paul Windross took his flash steam-powered tethered hydroplane to Kingsbury Water Park, near Birmingham, where it set a new national record speed of 129.33mph, 6mph faster than the previous record.

Mr Windross said: “This was the national record, but there’s not an actual world record for it. I’ve been told it’s the world’s fastest but I’m not sure. I don’t think any full-sized steam boat has ever gone so fast.

“I did some modifications to it and for about a month played about with it. The first run was unbelieveable, the problem with these things is they take off. I’m not an academic, but I studied some aerodynamics and made alterations to make it more stable. Later laps reached an average of 130mph so I’m hoping to try again later this year or next to try and get 135mph.”

Mr Windross, 71, said he hand hand-crafted every part of the boat, with the exception of the nuts and bolts. He made the news last October when his boat, which is on a lead and completes five 100-metre laps, set a previous record of 122.91mph.

That record was broken shortly after, and the former motorbike engineer said that although there was some rivalry with fellow enthusiasts, they were genuinely encouraged when records were broken.

He said: “We share knowledge, so I’m not bothered if someone beats the record. We share our knowledge to further the hobby.

“I’m always making things though, engineering-wise. A few years ago, in my 50s, I was out of work and just before the Carriageworks closed I went on a Government training course there, and when they realised what I could do, they let me loose and gave me a chance to play with bigger machinery than I had at home.”

A video of Mr Windross’s record-breaking efforts can be viewed below: