The ancient walled city of York has been high on the list of places to visit by tourists for many years because of its history, beauty and culture.

Tourism has become a very important part of our economy and provides employment for many local people.

Much of the city has remained unchanged for centuries, and as you approach from any of the main roads that lead up to the Bar entrances you can see the magnificent city walls and the Minster standing there in all its glory.

Most of the approach roads are quite welcoming, which is what you would expect from a place that wants to encourage visitors to come and spend money in our hotels, shops, museums and restaurants.

So why would anyone who understands what attracts visitors to our beautiful city do anything that would discourage them from coming?

Surrounding the city with wind farms would certainly not go down as an added attraction or an improvement to the entrances to our city, or the environment, and could even discourage them from coming at all.

For many years our city planners have protected our listed buildings, the green belt areas and our parks to ensure York retained its beauty for future generations.

I think they would be very disappointed at what is being proposed now by the very people who should know better.

Ron Perrin, Moor Lane, Acomb Park, York.

• I take climate change seriously, however, I fundamentally disagree with the Lib Dems energy secretary, Ed Davey, who wants to bring on wind power very inefficiently, i.e. land based, in order to save money on where they should be, sea based.

It was Stalin, who, when he wanted to crush intellectual dissent, would plant massive steel works or chemical factories in the middle of communities who criticised him.

Ed Davey is going to crush the British spirit by allowing 30,000 giant wind turbines to be planted everywhere in the UK, near every community, town and village. Only when he has destroyed Britain, will he say: “But I saved the planet.”.

With Germany, India and China building coal-fired power stations as fast as they can, nothing will be further from the truth. There are projects to back, however.

Combined heat and power generation, solar “farms”, which do not have the same impact, deep-water wind power, tidal power, wave power are some to mention. However bribing people with their own money to allow huge unwanted wind turbines near their communities in York is despicable.

A good source of information is

Chris Clayton, Hempland Drive, York.