LAST year 122 cyclists were killed on UK roads.

Many were not seen by drivers who, in the collision, were themselves well protected. Over the next few weeks, all over the world, cyclists take part in the annual World Naked Bike Ride.

York will host its eighth ride on June 21, leaving Millennium Bridge at 6pm and following a six-mile route.

Earlier this year, the levels of atmospheric CO2 hit a record high not seen in four million years.

It is widely agreed that this 40 per cent increase since the Industrial Revolution is due to fossil carbon being released from power stations, cars and other trappings of modern life.

Cycling is one way of reducing that footprint as it doesn’t require fossil fuels, just a healthy appetite.

The naked ride is also a celebration of bikes and the bodies which power them.

Anybody can ride a bike, old or young, fat or toned.

This is not a fundraising ride, although one participant, Mick Allan, a disability cycling specialist with Get Cycling, is accepting sponsorship to support Orchid, a charity promoting awareness and research about testicular, prostate and penile cancer. Nor is our lack of clothes illegal or anything to do with sex.

We are merely saying “Notice us when we’re NOT naked” and showing how vulnerable we are on our eco-friendly two-wheelers.

John Cossham, York WNBR co-organiser, Hull Road, York.