Rizzle Kicks will have a new dance move for their second album.

The 'Down with the Trumpets' pop-duo - Jordan Stephens and Harley Alexander-Sule - invented The Hump for the track to 'Mamma Do the Hump' on their debut, and are planning another ready for their second effort.

Jordan said: "There is a move, but the single is not coming out until next summer."

The singers, both 21, are working hard on the new record, but are disappointed to have to drop a "monster" song recorded with Pharrell Williams, because it didn't "flow" with other songs.

Harley added: "Pharrell is the most inspirational person I've ever met."

The boys have previously said they hope to work with Ed Sheeran - who is currently touring across the US - on the new album.

Jordan explained: "We see Ed all the time and he genuinely is a good friend. He's powering through his next album already, we're going through it. If there's a situation in which we create something, that'd be brilliant."