STREET Angels in West Yorkshire helped an 82-year-old man return to his care home in York after he became stranded in the city.

Members of the group, which helps revellers in city centres to stay safe, worked with the Samaritans to speak to the “confused and anxious” man while they were on patrol at 11pm on Friday night in Bradford.

Paul Sunderland, who is part of the team, said: “When speaking with him, it was clear that he was not well.

‘‘He trusted us enough, because we were Angels, to tell us where he lived and that he had made a mistake leaving and had no way of returning home.

“He was scared that he would get in trouble if he approached the police and even more scared about going home.

“After a long chat, I managed to gain his agreement to get him home.”

The man had left his care home that day without money or medication in an attempt to get to Birmingham.

Police in York had began a search for him because of his vulnerable state.

Mr Sunderland said: “This is the reason that Bradford Street Angels exists.

“We should all be very proud that we are in a position every time we patrol to make a real difference to the lives of others. Well done to everyone involved and my heartfelt thanks go out to the volunteers from the Samaritans.”