A YOUNG acne patient at Harrogate District Hospital has designed a poster to launch a new research project.

Bryony Keegan was asked to take part in the research by Dermatology Consultant Dr Alison Layton, who has been treating her.

Dr Layton said: “Acne receives very little research funding in the UK even though it is one of the most common skin diseases. This lack of funding wouldn’t be so bad if lots of innovative treatments had become available in recent years but they haven’t.

“Most new prescription medicines are simply combination of old drugs.

“No one really knows what sort of treatments people with acne would prefer because researchers seldom ask them.”

Bryony’s poster urges people with an interest in acne to submit their unanswered questions at acnepsp.org before the end of July.

Alternatively, the survey can be completed on a smartphone by texting “spots” to 88020, or on paper by emailing Elizabeth.Oldham@hdft.nhs.uk