PRODUCERS on the Michael Parkinson television show were understandably incandescent on hearing that after months of negotiation, the one and only interview to promote Agnetha Falstkogs’s last album was cancelled at the eleventh hour.

Nine years on and nothing was left to chance. Those lucky enough to be granted an ‘exclusive’ interview had to go all the way to Sweden for a few precious moments together. Not that anyone complained.

Ms Falstkog claims she is not in the slightest Garboesque, but her actions, such as missing the opening of the ABBA Museum in her home town, suggest otherwise. Yet for pop scholars of a certain vintage, Agentha Falstkog is beyond a star, she is an absolute icon, and anything she touches is gold. Jorgen Elofsson, the producer of the set, is no stranger to Midas-fingered A-listers: Britney Spears, Leona Lewis, Il Divo and Kelly Clarkson are among recent clients.

But nothing meant more than his a lifelong ambition to work with probably the world’s favourite member of ABBA. Likewise, Gary Barlow could not hide his excitement and honour of collaborating on the duet I Should Have Followed You Home.

Like much of the ABBA songbook, Agnetha’s A is neither current, nor retro, but timeless in production and delivery. In particular, The One Who Loves You Now and the self-written I Keep Them On The Floor Besides My Bed are destined to be cherished by fans.

Although one suspects that their children, now teenagers, will wonder what all the fuss is about, as their parents throw a few shapes to the delicious disco stance of Dance The Pain Away.