YORK’S new lottery winners have told how a spur of the moment scratchcard choice led to them winning £1 million.

Carl and Amanda Ruddock have been catapulted to instant wealth after scooping the seven-figure sum – on a one-in-3.69-million chance. The couple, who have four children, say that top of their to-do list is renewing their wedding vows in style.

Although the couple regularly buy scratchcards, Amanda, 34, had never bought a National Lottery Millionaire 777 Scratchcard before last Thursday, when she picked one up from the Premier – The Stop Gap store in Monkton Road on her way home from working as a cleaner at the Evil Eye Lounge.

“The customer before me bought a 777 card, so I just decided to buy the same one even though it wasn’t my regular card, and started scratching it off on the way home,” said Amanda, who has been married to 26-year-old Carl for seven years.

“At first, I thought it was £100. When I saw it was £1 million, I must have read it about 100 times. I couldn’t believe it. Carl works night-shifts for IPS First so he was in when I got home, and I ran over to him to show him the ticket. I thought his head was going to pop – it just hasn’t sunk in yet.”

When the couple married, Amanda was pregnant so they had a small wedding, but they now plan to renew their vows and throw a huge party. Neither can drive so they will be both taking lessons, after which Carl plans to buy a Range Rover and Amanda a Hyundai.

Their two eldest sons, who are motorsport fans, have asked for new bikes, while Amanda hopes to fulfil her dream of starting her own cleaning business and Carl hopes to buy a Manchester United season ticket.

The couple also want to buy a new house in York, make investments and enjoy holidays in Florida, Australia and Barbados, although Amanda will have to overcome her fear of flying.

Carl said: “It will change our lives and our children’s lives completely, but it won’t change who we are and we’ll both keep working – it just means we won’t have to worry about money.”

The most Amanda had previously won on a scratchcard was £200, while Carl’s biggest windfall was £110. Amanda said: “Until I see the money in the bank, I probably still won’t believe it, and I might pass out when I do see it!”