ZOMBIES from York are heading for the big screen.

The York-based producers of a series called Zomblogalypse – set in the months after a worldwide zombie apocalypse – say it has picked up hundreds of thousands of views online and on a dedicated fanbase.

Now they are setting their sights on turning it into a feature length film and are trying to raise £10,000 in a month through “crowd funding”.

A spokesman for York-based MilesTone Films, said the series was launched as a piece of zero-budget, webcam-shot fun in 2008, “applying a healthy dose of wry British humour to the adventures of three incompetent survivors more interested in video blogging than survival techniques”.

The spokesman said: “Over four years, it picked up hundreds of thousands of views online and a dedicated fanbase including genre legends like effects guru Tom Savini, Walking Dead comics artists Charlie Adlard, SFX Magazine and zombie film directors Marc Price (Colin) and Dominic Brunt (Before Dawn).

He said original creators Hannah Bungard, Tony Hipwell and Miles Watts, fresh from micro budget features Crimefighters and Whoops! that were highlighted by reviewers at Empire, Time Out and Sight & Sound, had now teamed up with producer Steve Piper, of British indie mainstay Coffee Films, to reboot the series in a feature length format.

Mr Piper said it was difficult making the jump from micro-budget tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands an adaptation needed.

“People tend to think that once you have a script, financing just lands in your lap, and that can be true for the big names, but for most filmmakers you need a whole package of budget calculations, actors, key technicians and concept artwork to get to the next stage,” he said.

“Crowd funding has emerged as a really great way to get through that process if you don’t have 20 or 30 grand sitting around.”

The crowd-fund concept enables filmmakers to pre-sell film projects direct to the general public, who might buy the DVD over a year before it will be available or make a larger contribution in return for additional perks, such as appearing in the film or attending the premiere and after-party.

The £10,000 Zomblogalypse campaign runs through April and has already raised almost £3,000. For more information, go to igg.me/at/zomblogalypse