IN RESPONSE to Pamela Z Frankland’s letter The Press February 25, I have never heard of a fox killing a human.

Now on the other hand, many humans have and still do kill and torture many a poor fox and let us not forget this is for pleasure.

This is a blood sport which is supported by David Cameron.

The year is 2013, we don’t hang people any more, we don’t burn witches, we don’t have stocks or a ducking stool, so Pamela Z Frankland please explain to all the young readers why you support a bunch of thugs chasing and killing a sentient being for fun?

This Government doesn’t own the countryside or any wildlife in it so leave the foxes, deer and badgers to live their lives, like you like to live yours.

Future generations will never forgive our cruelty.

D Fillingham, The Crossway, York.

• HALFWAY through his column in The Press of February 22, Richard Catton blames concrete encroachment for the rising number of urbanised foxes where food is abundant with food in bins and people discarding leftovers.

Of course householders feed them too, enjoying the sight of the fox and cubs especially playing in their gardens. In conclusion, Richard puts the onus on red-coated morons chasing the fox out of the countryside.

What nonsense, a total contradiction to his earlier statement. Make up your mind Mr Catton, you cannot have it both ways, can you?

Pamela Z Frankland, Lodge Farm, Hull Road, York.