A THIEF who sold a stolen bicycle back to its owner has appeared in court.

Kevin Naylor, formerly of Dixon Gardens, Selby, appeared before Selby Magistrates’ Court to face a deferred sentence for one count of theft, and a count of handling stolen goods. The offences took place last August.

The court heard Naylor admitted stealing the bicycle from Selby railway station on May 17 last year, and was riding with friends on it in the town when he was spotted by the owner of the bike.

Cathy Turnbull, prosecuting, told the court Naylor agreed to meet up with the bike’s rightful owner, and sold it back to him for £30, before police were called.

A search of Naylor’s home also found a suspected stolen SatNav system wedged behind his fridge, which he admitted he was looking after for someone else.

Keith Haggerty, for Naylor, told the court his client had a history of mental health problems, and suffered from depression and other emotional issues.

He said Naylor, 46, had been introduced to a care worker while in prison for an earlier offence, who had improved his wellbeing significantly, ensured he regularly took medication for his problems, and in effect “dragged him up by his bootlaces”.

Problems arose when the care worker went into hospital for an operation, and Naylor did not get on with her replacement. He stopped attending meetings, went off his medication, and slipped back into his criminal habits, which was when he stole the bike.

In recent months, Mr Haggerty said Naylor had complied with every stipulation of the court, including paying previous fines, taking his medication, and meeting regularly with the care worker, and was getting his life back on track.

Magistrates congratulated Naylor on completing the conditions of his deferred sentence, and issued him with a six-month community and supervision order, a ten-day specified activity, and ordered him to pay £85 prosecution costs.