RIDING instructor Nicky Lyons was surprised but delighted to learn she has been named ‘instructor of the month’ by Equestrian Plus magazine after being nominated by one of her clients, Katie Robertshaw.

“The first I knew about it was when I received an email from the magazine telling me I had won and my prize would be a selection of products from the NAF range,” said Nicky.

Katie Robertshaw, an accountant based in York, said: “Nicky is special because she really cares about your progress. She pushes you the right amount to progress but not completely out of your comfort zone which is great.

“I bought my horse Freddie as an unbroken three-year-old and he will be 10 this year. Our partnership wasn't really going anywhere but then I met Nicky during a clinic with Malton Riding Club almost five years ago. I have had lessons with her ever since and our progression has been amazing.

“During 2012 we completed our first BE90 and went double clear. We also competed in two riding club national championships. It was a fantastic year last year.

“Freddie has been very difficult in the past and, without Nicky’s support and encouragement, I would have given up on my goal of eventing him. Nicky puts others before herself and is always willing to help anyone. She says it is her job but she goes beyond that.”

Look out for Nicky’s top training tips featuring in Equestrian Plus magazine soon.