AFTER reading recent letters regarding complaints about the number six bus operated by First, I feel I must yet again add my comments about this shocking service.

On January 31 after visiting time, I left York Hospital hoping to catch the 8.10pm bus. It never came and nor had the previous 7.40pm service, according to the passengers who were waiting (one of whom had an infant in a pushchair). Eventually, the 8.40pm did arrive.

I have commented previously in The Press about this and spoken to a First public relations representative on BBC Radio York, who stated that among other improvements tracker systems were fitted to the buses. A member of staff would be monitoring the system throughout the day and would contact the drivers by radio to address any problems. This system either doesn’t work or is only PR hype.

I do not ring the company any more to complain because I am tired of being fobbed off with ridiculous excuses.

Colin Duckels, Reighton Avenue, Clifton, York.


• RECENTLY, City of York council arranged a “bus users’ consultation event” at York Explore (Central Library).

An informal forum encouraged bus users to express concerns about proposed changes to bus routes and companies using these routes (including Transdev buses No 26 and No 24).

Council staff asked for written questions to be aired at the formal panel meeting later. I submitted my question and was told it was not necessary to sign this. So I was astounded to hear written questions that had not been signed could not be read aloud at the meeting.

Thankfully, I managed to voice my concerns aloud, but have to conclude the above event was a public relations exercise.

People from my area need to get to Front Street post office for pensions, the next-door chemist for prescriptions, Acomb Explore etc, with buses running both ways every hour, as the No 26 already is doing. If it works, why change a route?

A council official also claimed it was impossible for the No 26 to continue its two-way route along Front Street. Why?

The mood at the meeting held Transdev to be the best company for time-keeping and courtesy.

Patricia Palaeologina, Windsor Garth, Acomb, York.