I will again try explaining to Coun Sandy Fraser (Letters, February 9) that the Government’s cuts are necessary due to his party’s leaving office spending over £300,000 more every minute of every day than it received. However, the finite timescale of the universe means such an attempted explanation would be impossible.

Coun Fraser’s party committed to 90 per cent of the cuts the Govern-ment is making, but now deceives the electorate by opposing every cut. At council level this is not possible as budgets must balance.

Last year, Conservative councillors tabled a budget amendment to freeze council tax, protect services and cut Labour’s waste. This is all public and shows the choices we would make. This year we will again put an amendment to freeze council tax but sadly the whipped Labour councillors will no doubt again ignore it and heap more burdens on York’s residents.

Coun Fraser should realise the cuts are due to his party’s failings; sadly his party is again seeking to increase the pain.

Conservative councillors have and will give an alternative. Times are hard but Labour are making the wrong choices.

Coun Chris Steward, Rural West York.