READERS have continued to contact The Press to tell how they too saw a UFO in the sky over York on Wednesday evening, after we appealed for more witnesses to come forward.

Andy Cheetham, of Holgate, said he saw what looked like a very bright shooting star travel across the sky just after 9pm.

He said: “I was locking up my bike outside The Swan pub in Bishopthorpe Road,” he said. “It left a visible trail behind it, like a meteorite burning up.

“It was greenish white, moved slower than shooting stars generally do and was heading west across the city.”

Michelle Moran said she and her partner saw something falling from the sky, with a blue and red glow and travelling quite fast.

She said: “I commented that superman has just landed.”.

Emmet Cox said: “I originally believed it was a green flare, as it had the same luminosity as ones I have seen before fired from close range. However, it was faster and travelled on a constant trajectory.”

The bright lights are believed to have been space debris burning up, and police said a member of the public had contacted officers to report a hole in a grass verge in New Earswick, which he believed was caused by space debris.