IT’S GREAT that people are giving their views on the proposed Guildhall and waterfront design ideas which have now been shortlisted.

The winner of this competition will be announced early next month and they will receive feedback and comments on their design.

The process for the council, however, does not end with the winning competition design. The council will seek developer interest and the winner would still need to go through a procurement process and work with developers in order to meet set criteria.

I welcome any views that members of the public have either via email or post.

David Warburton, Guildhall competition, Head of design, conservation and sustainable development, City of York Council, No 9 St Leonard’s Place, York.


• WITH reference to the redevelopment of the Guildhall and the grand designs produced by architects (The Press, November 21), most of which seem a hotchpotch of ideas, I consider the open frontage design with a promenade of steps leading to and from the river front equal to the task of producing both a scenic view and resting place for the visitor and tourist alike.

However, I have one reservation: recent flooding problems, which may lend itself to the City of York Council carrying out more work and solving the issue for the benefit of all concerned in the grand scheme of future plans.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Walk, Huntington, York.


• OH NO! Please don’t allow that ‘space-ship’ to land next door to Guildhall.

It’s hideous now, can you imagine what it will look like in five years when all that wood has rotted in the rain, and whatever those dreadful legs are made of has rusted or become covered in mould?

Incidentally, are those trees, apparently planted into two foot of concrete, a new hybrid, able to survive without a root structure or nourishment? Marvellous!

Appalled of South Bank.

Beth Izak, Finsbury Street, South Bank, York.