FRESH calls have been made for the remains of the last Yorkist king of England to be buried in York, after it was announced they would probably be buried in Leicester.

Archaeologists looking for the remains of Richard III found skeletal remains underneath the Greyfriars car park in Leicester last month, which they believe to be the Plantagenet king.

The king had wanted to be buried in York Minster, but he is believed to have been interred in Leicester after his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor in 1485. Calls for his remains to return to York started once they were found.

However, justice minister Helen Grant this week announced: “Remains have now been exhumed and archaeologists are currently carrying out tests to determine the identity of the remains. Should they be found to be those of Richard III, the current plan is for them to be reinterred in Leicester Cathedral.”

An online petition has already been started to encourage officials to bury the remains at York, which was the king’s wish.

Mike Bennett, custodian of the Richard III Museum in Monkgate Bar, said: “There’s no question Richard wanted to be buried in York and I think Leicester Cathedral has only been a cathedral since about 1927.

“My instinct is that they are Richard’s remains so I think it’s up to the petition to increase its number of signatures. I will certainly be signing it and have been telling everyone about it.”

To sign the petition, go to