A ROW has erupted in the House of Commons over where the suspected remains of Richard III should be buried, as campaigners argue York’s case.

Historical reports suggest Richard had planned to be buried at York Minster, but he is believed to have been interred in Leicester after his defeat at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor in 1485.

MP for Bassetlaw John Mann suggested the priory of Worksop, halfway between “the warring factions of York and Leicester” and Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth said Leicester Cathedral would be most appropriate.

York Central’s Hugh Bayley said: “It’s 527 years since Richard was killed. Despite that passage of time, he is still very well-regarded in York.

“We have a museum to Richard III. We respect him enormously.

“But to argue on the floor of this place over his mortal remains is more like medieval cathedrals fighting over saints’ relics.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

Earlier this month The Press reported that an online petition called Richard III: Come Home To York had been launched by The Richard III Foundation, advocating the reburial of the remains in York.