REMEMBER the extraordinary comeback by Liverpool against AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League final in May 2005 in Istanbul?

Lifelong Liverpool fan Mark Radley, a cobbler from Allerton, has all the more reason to recall that Italian football surrender as he ended up sitting next to Silvio Berlusconi in the Milan directors’ box at the Attaturk Stadium.

Stranger than fiction, Radley’s story is retold by playwright John Graham Davies, who transforms him into Scouse wag and Berlusconi scourge Kenny Noonan in Turf Love’s one-man show Beating Berlusconi in the Theatre Royal Studio tomorrow at 7.45pm.

Paul Duckworth takes on the role of the cheeky chappie who defied the threats of his wife and bank manager to travel to Turkey, and ends up squaring up with the sleek Silvio, in a defiant tale of one man’s attempt to rediscover his belief in himself, his club, his city, and his class.