A heartbreaking tale of jealousy, passion, love and remorse was poignantly performed at the Harrogate Theatre last night.

South Hill Park Arts Centre with Icarus Theatre Collective and the Original Theatre Company returned to Harrogate to portray the sorrowful story of Shakespeare’s tragic hero, Othello.

Following Lenny Henry’s debute in a recent production of the play, last night’s interpretation did not disappoint.

Directed by Max Lewendel, this stunning production was enhanced by the cast’s use of a string quartet, bringing a new depth of emotion to the story of a noble man’s descent.

Othello, played by RSC actor Vinta Morgan, had a commanding stage presence felt by everyone, from the audience to the trembling Desdemona, as he spurned and cursed her in a frenzied rage of passion, hurt and pride, and both the cast and audience were swept up in the terrible injustice of his downfall.

Proud, fierce and dignified, the great Othello’s demise, brought about by the villainous Iago, was emotive, fluent, and audibly appreciated by all.

Iago, played by Christopher Dingli, portrayed his vengeance coldly, inexplicably, and engrossingly, drawing the audience into his calculated malice.

In fact, the cast’s energy was remarkable, building up to a crescendo in the final horrifying scenes of Desdemona’s murder by a crazed and ruined man.

Desdemona, played by Katie Colebrook, was perfectly sympathetic, her virtue was pleasing, and she seamlessly played her submissive but passionate role until her last, tragic breath. Whilst Emilia, powerfully played by Laura Durrant, was enthralling hysterical at the terrible realisation of her mistresses murder, commanding her part movingly and with emotion and tears.

Completely encapsulated, the audience, along with Othello, did indeed “lay down and roar’” for the tragedy of the deception. Both as actors and musicians, the level of talent was astounding.

Part of a nationwide tour, the production has run at the theatre from Tuesday October 6 and will complete its Harrogate performances tomorrow night, Saturday October 10, at 2pm and 7.30pm respectively.