Kneehigh Theatre returns to the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds, from March 18 to 28 with Don John, a tale of love, sex and Seventies’ disco.

This radical re-working of Mozart’s Don Giovanni is set in a dark and dreary corner of England in 1978, in the midst of the winter of discontent, and tells the story of the dangerous, naughty and irresistible seducer who claims to have slept with 2,000 women.

Insatiable and untouchable, he preys upon the weakness of weary wives who dream of a better life, before disappearing into the night with a Polaroid picture of each frantic lover as he leaves them trailing in his slipstream.

Explaining the late-Seventies’ setting, artistic director Emma Rice says: “I really wanted to put it in a world that is relevant to us and that we can almost reach out and touch, and I also knew I wanted it to be very English.

“It’s a fantastic decade to set it in because the music is really split between quite sentimental stuff and soul music – all about love and romance – next to punk, which was all about resistance and anger.”

Don John will feature a vigorous and moody original score by Stu Barker, played live by five musicians, and the cast will be led by Tristan Sturrock, from Kneehigh’s Breif Encounter company, as Don John. Box office: 0113 213 7700 or