STEPHEN Brown addresses the issue of sex offenders in Future Me, a new play billed as an “epic story of ordinary monsters”, in The Studio at York Theatre Royal from Thursday to Saturday.

Peter, played by soap star Rupert Hill, is a promising young barrister with a beautiful girlfriend, whose life falls apart. An appalling secret about his true nature is revealed when his computer sends out an email to everyone he knows with an attachment no one can bear to look at.

As he tries and fails to cover his tracks, he and his family have to face the consequences of what he has done. From the strange alliances of a prison segregation unit, to the trials of life on the outside, Future Me delves beyond tabloid hysteria into the dark, disturbing world of sex-offenders in a play whose cast also includes York actress Katherine Dow Blyton.

For Rupert Hill, playing paedophile Peter is far removed from his television roles as Jamie Baldwin in Coronation Street from 2004 to late-2007 and Cameron Davenport in Family Affairs from 2002 for two years.

“My agent put me forward for it and said, ‘I don’t know if you’re interested as it will be very heavy’, but it’s the greatest opportunity I’ve ever had,” says Rupert. “It’s so warmly and cleverly written and I absolutely fell in love with it. For the first time I learnt pretty much all the script before the auditions, as I was so in love with the piece that I didn’t want it to be my fault if I didn’t get it.”

Rupert had no qualms about taking on such a role.

“This play does feel like the right thing for me to do at this point in my career and yet I read somewhere that people think it’s a massive step down from Coronation Street,” he says.

“You’re elevated on TV, but though you’re not getting paid as much to do a show like this, it’s rewarding to do.”

Future Me, Scott Davison Productions, The Studio, York Theatre Royal, Thursday to Saturday, 7.45pm. Suitable for 15-plus. Box office: 01904 623568 or