MORE veterans from the Falklands/Malvinas War have committed suicide since the 1982 conflict than military personnel died in the line of duty.

The war lasted only 74 days, but the trauma – the mental minefield – of service has not ended, as highlighted by Minefield, Argentinian writer/director Lola Arias's remarkable piece of theatre verité.

Arias has brought together the testimonies of three Argentinian veterans, two Royal Marines and a Gurkha, who share the stage in a tour promoted by LIFT. The six created the piece together with the director in Buenos Aries and have since played Brighton, London, Buenos Aires and now British theatres.

Lou Armour was taken prisoner on April 2, the day the Argentines invaded; he now teaches children with learning difficulties; signaller David Jackson transcribed radio codes; he's now a psychologist and counsellor; Gurkha knife expert Sukrim Rai is a security guard.

York Press:

In harmony: Marcelo Vallejo, left, Ruben Otero, Gabriel Sagastume and David Jackson in Minefield

Ruben Otero survived the sinking of the Belgrano to later become a drummer in a Beatles tribute band; Gabriel Sagastume, who never wanted to fire a gun, is a criminal lawyer; mortar direction controller Marcelo Vallejo is a triathlon champion, putting eight years of cocaine abuse behind him.

We hear of the serviceman's story from both sides without being judgemental; we see the shared humanity beyond obeying orders 36 years ago; we discover that trauma makes no distinction between the victors and the vanquished; we learn how Britain and Argentina tell different histories of the Falklands. 

Prompted by Otero's drumming prowess, the stories are linked by Beatles songs, Sagastume on lead vocals and guitar; Jackson on guitar, and Vallejo learning bass specifically for the play, before Armour delivers lyrics punk style on a theme of war.

The first night ended with an equally revealing Q and A and rousing cheers for Sagastume on his birthday. Please, do not miss this show; theatre at its revelatory best.

Minefield, York Theatre Royal, tonight and Saturday at 7.30pm; no performance on Good Friday. Box office: 01904 623568 or at