MARTIN is a Northamptonshire village boy struggling with mental health problems that no-one understands and a head full of sound and vision.

So when an unexpected gift arrives on his 18th birthday, he heads to London, embarking on a surreal and thrilling journey in the footsteps of his obsession with David Bowie.

Martin performs on the stage where Ziggy Stardust was born, finds himself in Bowie's bedroom and is led on a treasure trail to discover long-hidden truths about himself and his family. What follows will change his life forever.

Music and magic realism collide in writer-director Adrian Berry's darkly humorous and moving production, featuring Alex Walton and the voice of comedian Rob Newman as Bowie.

Accompanied by a blistering soundtrack, the life of the pop fan is dissected in Berry's tale of unnatural teenage wildlife, on tour in a new and updated production after sold-out runs in London, the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and Germany.

"When we started thinking about the show originally in 2015, our ambitions were to maybe do a little run in a London fringe theatre," says Berry. "Now, to be playing such beautiful and big houses at some of the most prestigious venues in the country is more than we ever dreamt of. It's still very recently that David passed away, so we hope we are serving his legacy in the best possible way."

Tickets for next Thursday's 7.30pm performance are on sale on 01759 301547 or at