FOR the first time in years, Ebor Players' pantomime cast members found themselves rehearsing on Halloween but rather than miss out on all the spooky fun, the players dressed up for the evening.

David Rose, who will play Dame Hannah Hairspray in Rapunzel, says: "It was a little surreal; there we were rehearsing for our panto, Rapunzel, which is a wonderful fairy story but at the same time we were all dressed in a host of frightening costumes. However, it did make it a fun evening.

"When all is said and done, it's a bit of a hair-raising story and, who knows, if the show is a cut above the rest, we may take it to the Edinburgh Fringe!"

As David explains: "The story centres on the beautiful Princess Rapunzel, who is imprisoned in a tower by an evil witch, Gothel. Her parents, the King and Queen, have never given up hope that their daughter may one day return. Can the good fairies help Rapunzel root out the evil Witch and achieve a parting of the ways or will Gothel brush off any rescue attempts?

"Meanwhile, Gothel's useless henchmen are hoping for fringe benefits but will Nurse Hannah Hairspray take a firm hold with her cutting remarks. Can the dashing Prince George make sure that the evil Witch has the devil toupee? Just how many bad hair jokes can we cram into one panto? We'll straighten this out, rest a-sheared."

Rapunzel will be the Players' 23rd pantomime, taking place from December 4 to 9 at Bishopthorpe Village Hall, in Main Street, Bishopthorpe, at 7.30pm nightly. "Tickets are now available, apart from for the matinee, which has sold out," says David. "Please note, there are a few rare tickets available for the 'adults-only' Saturday night, which has 'cabaret seating'."

For the first time, tickets can be bought online at\eborplayers or in person at the Ebor Inn, Main Street, Bishopthorpe. "But book now, don't cut it too fine!" advises David.