FEATURING an ensemble cast of colourful characters and more plot twists than you can shake a stick (or bishop’s crook, or blowgun) at, The Curse of the Amazon Pearl is a small joy of a murder mystery evening from writer-director Michael Lambourne.

Throwing himself fully into the role of adventurer Peregrine Lackington-Whit, Lambourne’s play circles around Peregrine’s latest trinket from his adventures deep in the Amazon.

The Giant Pearl of Falsuma, Queen of the Catawishi, kills all those who look upon it- as one character learns the hard way. Not ones to let a murder get in the way of a dinner party, the Lackington-Whits take the evening’s events in their stride and invite the party guests to help solve the spate of murders that hit the household.

Fully committing to the murder mystery format and peppered with pleasant anachronisms, the show takes on a delightfully camp vibe. The non-traditional cabaret seating arrangement results in a couple of projection issues to begin with, but as the cast grow into their roles and begin accusing one another the room echoes with yelps and country and western music.

Laura Prior and Jonny Neaves are a particularly charismatic pair from the US of A- at least, that’s how it appears at first. The plot twists give the cast plenty to play with, something they relish in the pre-show audience interaction. Amateur sleuths are bound to have fun with the cheesy capers and warbling tunes woven into the show, making Curse of the Amazon Pearl a veritable whodunit romp.

Making A Killing Productions presents The Curse Of The Amazon Pearl, York Theatre Royal, tonight, 7.30pm. Box office: 01904 623568 or yorktheatreroyal.co.uk