MY Romantic History is his story and her story, told side by side by Glaswegian playwright DC Jackson with cheek, chutzpah and charm.

In Jackson’s populist drama with its BBC3 sitcom pace and humour, Tom meets Amy. In his story, told first, it’s Friday night, when “it’s either nine pints or none” and this is a nine-pint night that ends up in bed back at Amy’s place. They have only just met at the end-of-week office social after his first week.

Awkward, the next morning, and at the next meeting, but Tom (Ryan Cerenko) and Amy (Fiona Organ) kind of stumble into a relationship, although 30-year-old Tom is still hung up on his brash schoolboy crush from 14 years ago, Alison Hamilton (Organ). He fears Amy wants to tie him down.

Her story tells it differently as the scenes are replayed to her commentary. He is driving this relationship, she argues, and even at 30 she is yet to recover from her childhood sweetheart days with the half-Catholic, half-Protestant, wholly love-struck Calvin Kennedy (Cerenko).

Samantha Edwards plays myriad female and male characters from their present lives and past in caricature mode, as the separate but overlapping storytelling of the first half makes way for the united progress and increasingly emotional tug of the second, where Tom and Amy take it in turns to narrate.

Directed in typically direct style by Keith Hukin, Reform Theatre Company’s touring co-production with Harrogate Theatre reveals Jackson’s "post-modern not-quite-romcom" to be refreshingly frank, ruddily humorous and socially savvy, with a surprisingly moving kick at the finale, not least thanks to Cerenko and Organ’s appealing performances.

History is not reliable, we learn, especially when divided by his story and her story, blurred further by the mists of time.

My Romantic History, Reform Theatre Company, Harrogate Theatre Studio, tonight and tomorrow at 7.45pm; Saturday, 2.45pm and 7.45pm. Box office: 01423 502116 or