Toyah Willcox, Julie Coombe and Sarah Jane Buckley, a.k.a the Hormonal Housewives, descended on the Grand Opera House last night to share their experiences of modern housewifery with the similar-minded women of York.

From mums at the school gate and teenagers on mobile phones to holiday camps and gym classes, the Housewives delivered their opinions on everything with a comic, and sometimes sentimental, twist.

The Housewives’ style is cheeky and full of heart, not to mention completely puerile. As such, it may not be to everyone’s taste. There’s a good handful of laughs to be had, especially in the girls’ demonstration of keep-fit classes which reveals Coombe and Buckley to be a great comedy double-act and also shows Coombe’s prowess as a physical comedian.

The show suffered from teething problems and didn’t shake off the dodgy choreography, wooden delivery and out-of-step comic timing until well into the first act. Nevertheless, by the end of the performance, the crowd were on their feet laughing and singing along with the pop classics that punctuated the show.

Ken Alexander’s direction was uninspired and made the production feel like it was grinding towards a halt. The reliance on minimal movement meant there was little dynamic energy to support the verbal energy of the girls.

However, if you enjoy the BBC's Mrs Brown’s Boys and Miranda shows and could describe yourself as a “Hormonal Housewife”, you will probably find laughs aplenty in this show. Just be wary if you’re a man sat in the stalls, the Housewives won’t let you off easily.

Review by Stephanie Faye Bartlett